About B Street

eddie with kidsB Street is a non-profit corporation. The purpose of B Street is to foster, promote and coordinate recreational and competitive amateur boxing opportunities for all member athletes and supportive participants.

B Street is a haven for individuals of all ages and abilities, to learn the sport of boxing, which will give them the strength in life to succeed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. B Street Boxing offers a positive, disciplined, and constructive environment.  At B Street we encourage and teach the skills needed for individuals to become champions in both the sport of boxing and victorious in all aspects of life.

The boxing club is a certified member of the international organization of USA Amateur Boxing International, Inc.  B Street is a non-profit, boxing program with qualified Pro-Am boxing instruction, and all coaches are certified by USA Amateur Boxing International, Inc.   B Street specializes in the art of amateur boxing, fitness, and self-defense for all ages, instructing beginning, intermediate, and advanced, for both males and females.

B Street offers a mentor and tutorial program for individuals who are struggling socially, academically or otherwise. Please talk to Eddie Croft for more details.

B Street offers a scholarship program for those who cannot pay dues. Please talk to Eddie Croft for more details.

B Street is planning to build a computer lab and homework room, for students to study and have access to technology, to enable students to excel academically, as well as in the sport of boxing. Please talk to Eddie if you are interested in volunteering or donating to the computer and homework room.

Free Trial Week
With all the classes available at B Street Boxing, we think you need a whole week to check them out. Stop in at any time to get your free trial!